Transition as a chance to reflect: What do you want to gain from your work?

By Rebecca Thompson

We all go through transitions in life. Completing the Leaving Cert. Beginning your first full-time job. Getting married or starting a family. Moving to a new town – or a new country. Some transitions we plan for, others come up unexpectedly. Each transition offers an opportunity to reflect on who we are, who we want to become, and what type of life we want for our family.

Many of our candidates  are transitioning from focusing on the early years of starting a family to revisiting their long-term career goals. Others are stepping back from intensive or demanding roles but wish to keep their skills sharp and business networks viable. A few are trying something brand new. Some are experimenting, with their partners or spouses, in different parental roles and work-life balance. We see this as part of a fundamental shift in society towards greater flexibility in the Irish workplace and a demand for meaningful work.
There are financial motivations as well. Unfortunately, most modern households need two incomes -whether to qualify for a mortgage or just to keep the lights on. Even financially stable families may wish to share the earning burden between partners or have more equal time child rearing. And any good financial advisor can tell you it’s a good idea to diversify your income.

We speak with candidates every day to discuss their ‘why’ in either returning to work or choosing  a more flexible employment. Each of their expectations, career paths and domestic situations are unique. However, we consistently find that candidates who have clarity as to what they hope to gain through this transition are more confident -and successful – in the recruitment process. Clarity is a powerful tool.

We are proud to be Ireland’s only recruitment agency supporting working parents and parents returning to work. If you are considering going back to work; transitioning to part time; or trying a flexible role, then we can’t wait to help you get started. We believe that flexible hiring is the future of work.