We talk to NLP performance coach Jason Cooper on how he approaches the changing nature of technology & he would suggest you play catch on the changing nature of business technology

Okay, good morning, Justin from TalentForce Recruitment. We are all about flexible working, help people to find the work-life fit that they’re looking for. Today we’re very fortunate to be in the company and to have a short interview with Jason Cooper. Thank you Jason.

– Thank you for inviting me.

– Jason is involved in helping individuals achieve success, and achieve higher performance, and works a lot with individuals in a coaching capacity, performance capacity, and works with small businesses too. Jason, today we are going to talk about technology. We talked to a lot of candidates, and the number one fear about returning to the work force is: technology has changed, it’s moved on. What’s your perspective on this?

– Well my perspective is, the good thing about technology: there’s lots of great, innovative technology out there which really help you get further in your business and really take a shortcut. So if you know how to use Power Point, if you know how to use Word, if you know how to switch on a computer, these new applications are really easy. You’ll just open it up. You will just log in, and you’ll get to grips with it very easily. There’s lots of YouTube clips out there, there’s lots of other information that will just get you up there very quickly. These are so intuitive, they’re made to make your life easier and work easier, so forget your fear, just get on and do it, because the more you do it, then the better that you’ll be, and then the more quickly that you’ll just get up and learn with speed on these new application. There’s a lot of them–

– So it sounds like your perspective is that the people who are writing technology are writing it to be, in order to be easier to use, in order to be intuitive.

– Absolutely. In order to be intuitive for your work, so you’re going into work, whatever it might look and feel like, and you just switch it on, and before you know it, you’ll just get on it, and you’ll wonder why, “What was I worrying about?” because it’s very easy to use, whereas you go back 10, 15 years and it’s a lot more difficult, a lot harder, but these are Cloud based products, these are really easy, and you just go on to YouTube, if you ever have any problems go onto YouTube, type in whatever it might be, Sales Force, or whatever the application might be, there’s tons and tons of independent tutorials, and there’s also a lot of company tutorials that will show you and help you.

– Are these free, or do they cost?

– They’re all free, they’re all free.

– Really? Okay.

– All of them are free.

– So the range of software you’re talking about is everything from Salesforce, to CRM systems, to Zoho, to Microsoft products– these are really powerful tools.

– What I’ve done when I’ve been working closely with businesses is to really understand their technology, to really understand the applications that they use. So, if I have not ever used it before, what I tend to do is get on it and use it. They give it to me, and go ahead and do it.

– So you just download?

– Just download, or get the login details, because you don’t really download things as much anymore,

– True, true.

– Because it’s all placed up in the Cloud.

– I’m showing my age.

– Just get on and do it.

– Get on and try it.

– Just try it, do it, cuz the more you do it, then the better qualified that you’ll be. Go, and if you get the job that you want, and it’s the career you want to be in, ask them in the interview, “What tools and application do you use?”

– Very good, very good, yes.

– And then, before you actually start the job, practice it, and go through all the YouTube channels, so once you actually start on day one, you can just get on there and bang, straightaway.

– So even better before that would be to talk to the recruiter, and ask them, well what software do they use? What accounting package do they use? What marketing package, what CRM system, whatever it is, so, Jason, thank you very much.

– You’re welcome.

– I think the lesson that this software that people are using today is while it is more powerful, it’s actually easier to use, a little bit counter-intuitive. Jason, thanks for your time.

– You’re welcome.

– Greatly appreciated. Justin from TalentForce, feel free to give us a call, 019-08-1514, or have a look at our new, latest jobs on talentforce.e. Thanks so much, take care, bye-bye.