Today we will take a look at the software that people are using in offices today. As with most things, is constantly evolving but these free tools should help you to get up to speed . Any questions please post below or email us on or justin@talentforce. We are always looking to help parents seeking to relaunch or redesign careers.


What software are people using in offices these days?


We talked the other day about what is the Cloud and Cloud is the ability to share documents online without sending emails around. So Google Docs, if you have an email account, is a really good example of that and so just here to talk about writing, editing, collaborating wherever you want. So on your phone, on your iPad, on a laptop, on a tablet and you don’t have to save anything. It has templates already built up to it. It’s very easy to actually put together some very, very good documents and to look them up. You never have to hit save here again. It works with Word and it saves behind an email accountSo if you have a Gmail account, you should be able to go up in the right hand corner somewhere or maybe the left hand corner, it depends on what tool you’re using and look for Google Drive and there should be a Google Docs button. So absolutely free to try. This is what collaboration software is really all about. So well worth giving it a try.

The second one we’ll talk about, these are tools that we have come across that people are using is a tool people are starting to use is a tool called Prezi. Prezi is a presentation tool and if you think, it takes 10 Microsoft power points, this is actually free to try, which is why we are suggesting it and it really starts to animate it. It’s incredibly good, very, very graphical, very digital. The world is going more visual. So something like Prezi, it sits online. It’s free to try and so you can really try it and it’s free. Find it, but worth tampering with and seeing what you can pull together in 10-15 minutes.  There are loads and loads of templates. You don’t start from scratch and it’s very easy to put files, movies, photos, music or anything into it. I’ve seen tremendous presentations done using Prezi. It’s just a tool people are using.

The next one requires a little bit of editing, but you want to try an Office productivity tool for no money, there are tools like StarOffice and Open Office. So these are slimmed down budget or free versions similar to MicroSoft products and those are interchangeable. Going back to Google Docs, it’s relatively interchangeable with MicroSoft Office. It can import a word document and export to Word. Like Open Office it works with any PC and will do very, very basic work. It lacks the finesse other tools have.

The fourth type I guess is what you’re talking about is marketing software and sending out massive emails and communications. There are two tools that really stand out here that I’ve seen. The first is MailChimp. Okay now this is kind of quite expensive to use. You’ll pay 50-100 Euros. Most companies are using it, like it has a template that allows you to put your picture and your text in and send it out and see how many people respond. So there’s MailChimp or the other one is something like Constant Contact. So if it’s a marketing company or admin role  or this is something you’ve seen before, well worth exploring through this again. It sits on the Cloud, templates, easy to pull up stuff that’s bound to be good relatively quickly.

The next thing I guess we talk about is a tool like Skype. You’ve probably all seen Skype, talk around the world, interviews, conference calls, all are becoming very, very common, particularly in a specialist industry.

The next one we talk about is, is this the 6th or 7th, is survey tools. People gathering information from their customers or potential customers or how they feel about products or the competition or pricing. There are two here that stand out as the most common. One is called Survey Monkey. Essentially it’s free. It allows you to craft questions and in 20 minutes you could put together a pretty good survey. So Survey Monkey. Templates are excellent. A slightly better tool is Qualtrics.  EMEA headquarters here in Dublin and it’s just a bit more professional, but very straight forward to use. Are you male/female? What is your age? What are your preferences are food etc…? The best thing is Qualtrics fills out a report in Excel format. It’s graphical, very, very easy to interpret.


The next thing are two sorts of categories of tools and these are made for specific industries is Big Data and & data analytics So there’s a lot of software out there to analyze customer spending or habits or whatever it is. The one I’ve seen is probably the most user friendly is a piece of software called Tableau. Tableau again picking it because it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s totally free. You can try it for 15 days or 30 days, but it’s about  data and showing you graphics. It’s really something that’s only come out in the last few years. They have different versions on line, desktop and server, but again it’s possible to get a free trial.

Then I suppose that the final two I suppose is a whole question of document management systems. Pharmaceuticals have this , solicitors too,  how they manage documents and how they look after everything. The final one there is a whole question of Adobe and the Adobe tools. The big change that happened in the last couple of years to the Adobe tool is just like MicroSoft Word, it’s no longer a box that you buy. It’s a suite of services that you buy. So there’s a whole suite. They re-branded them so it’s, Adobe Reader is a free version, but there’s a whole suite of Adobe tools. It can get a bit expensive. You could easily be looking at for a full professional 30-40-50 Euros a month, which gives you access to the entire suite. So the Adobe tools well looking after if you previously have experience on.

So I hope this has been useful. I’ll put a list at the end of this of the various things we looked up. Google Docs, prezi , StarOffice, Open Office, MailChimp, we talked about Skype. The survey tools: Survey Monkey and Qualtrics Tableau software  and we had a quick look at the suite of Adobe software.

I hope this has been of use and any questions feel free to shoot me an email or give us a call  01 9081514019081514. Always looking to speak to parents and see how we can help