We take a look at how the job market is changing in Ireland & our suggestions on how you might approach looking for a flexible job to improve your chances of success. Our best wishes for 2017.



Flexible Working – 2017
The market trends are ever-changing and the year 2017 is also expected to bring some changes in the workplace scenario. Amongst these trend is flexible working in almost all sectors. This trend is not expected it IS here already and shall be increasing with more mums returning to work & flexible working timing.
According to studies women are working 3 times more than men nowadays. About 35-40% of women aged between the ages of 25-45 are working in flexible hours and part time jobs. Furthermore, there has been an increase in jobs roles that have been taken up by women. And those job roles that were at some point traditionally left for women are being joined by men. Both men and women are equally taking part in workplace and women often hold quite dynamic senior positions that have created a different working class from the blue and white collar workers to pink collar workers.
Flexible working hours is the trend that started last year with more people working on four days only, unusual hours, or simply sitting right at home.  This means that there is an opportunity for mums returning to work & flexible working hours at that, so that they can carry out their family and household responsibilities as well. The trend of flexible working is here and being accepted widely with numerous job posts springing up that allow mothers to work from home or having easy and flexible hours.
Has it been long since you worked? If you are amongst those mothers who had to take a break in their careers due to kids and contemplating to get back into your career, now is the time to do so.  If you are working already and not contented with your job or feel that your personal life is suffering, its time you weigh your options and consider flexible working hours.
But you need to be optimistic. If you are a qualified, skilled and experience woman than there is always room for trained professionals like you in organizations. Secondly, you have to gain a momentum. But first and foremost, deeply and thoroughly assess yourself and what you are looking for in the terms of career achievement this year.
Set realistic goals for yourself and plan accordingly. Then comes your CV, it should reflect what you are set out to do professionally. It is like a flyer that advertises you and during an interview you shall by giving the physical demo of your CV.  Create contacts. Take help from your friends, family and attend networking seminars. There are numerous business networking groups and communities you could join.
It is more like a process that has one step after another. Along with these, set a pace for yourself too. It is not easy finding or switching a job but it is entirely possible.  Set a realistic salary in mind. It will not be easy to find the same job you had at your previous employers’.
Think thoroughly and do not jump right in. With the generic 9-5 job timings changing, there is a wide scope of flexible working for mums returning to work & flexible job timings.