We speak to parents looking to return to work or find a new career path about their preferences for company size. We would think that if you are looking to have an impact & do stimulating work then it is worth considering a smaller pond ( aka a smaller company) to put your experience & professionalism to work.

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What size company do I want to work in?

Good afternoon. Justin O’Keeffe from talentforce recruitment continuing our mission to help parents return to work and help parents find flexible family friendly roles.

So a question we often ask now that’s very, very early on is “what size company would you like to work for”. Now it’s worth thinking about it with two a two demonstration fish here. It’s worth thinking about what many of us did in our early careers, perhaps in our 20s or 30s. From my perspective certainly most of my peers, it was about being attracted to big brand names, getting international type experience that carried very well, looked like rigorous training and that’s really where I spent my first 10-15 years of my professional career.

Now when we talk about do you want to work in a big company or a small company, really the question we’re actually asking is what size ponds do you want to swim in if you were a fish. This is kind of a big fish, little fish conundrum. So if you’re a big fish, big fish is the person who you expect. It has a lot of credibility. Now the hard part isn’t whether you’re a big fish or not. The hard part may be finding the right pool to swim in, the right place to be. So we have 2 similarly sized fish here. If you choose a smaller size pond, you’re by definition a big fish. However, the same fish or same size fish choose a much bigger pond, he or she appears way smaller.

Now by the larger pond what I really mean is the companies that we’re all attracted to in the past and perhaps at a different stage in our career. The larger multi-nationals, they typically pay better, they have a very strong brand name, they’re in great locations, they have beautiful offices and typically tend to pay better than indigenous companies. They’re very easy to explain, our peers will understand what it is you do when you say you do it. They win awards, they’re great places to work often, politicians are always opening things so this pool appears greater. The problem is no matter what size fish you are, it’s very, very hard to have an impact here. So with the same professionalism, the same skill, same experience, by choosing a different pond, if you’re looking to do work that matters, do work that’s interesting, to make connections, to make a difference, you may be better off considering the smaller pond. Okay. So often we would say to candidates is if what you’re looking to do is work that interests you and stimulates you, it may not be about you. It may be about the type of environment, the type of company, the scale of company you choose and if what you’re looking to put to use is your professionalism and experience, we did a recent video on being a lynch pin, given 10-20-30 years experience, you’re much more likely to have an impact in a smaller pond.

So I hope I helped you think about this. We did a video recently where we encourage you to think through options of returning to work or career pivoting options and this big pond, small pond question regularly crops up. So any questions, please feel free to post them below. If you’re currently looking for a role, do send us a CV at Justin@talentforce.ie  or Julie@TalentForce.ie or just call 019081514.