Today we take a look at how to better perform at interviews & the key questions to ask  ( i.e. answer!) as you prepare.

How to improve your performance during an interview:
From the recent studies & our own experience, it has been identified that a lot of mums returning to work – often seeking flexible jobs after a carerr break –   fail to perform to their tru potential job interview We have no doubt that these candidates have the potential , professionalism & experience to get through the interview, but they untimatley fail to showcase it through performance at the interview. Here is a list of 3 important tips that you can keep in mind in order to get through the interview with minimum hassle. In fact, these are three questions that you would have the answer at the interview. If you can prepare to answer these questions beforehand, you will not find it as a difficult task to provide appropriate responses.
  1. Can you do the job?
When you are asked this question, you need to provide the answer with relevant examples. For example, think of the ways how you used your skills or technology to get something done in an effective manner. If they are related to the position that you are applying for, you can simply mention those examples at the interview. That’s why it is important to go through the job description and provide a list of some suitable examples. Then you need to learn how to demonstrate those examples when you are asked with this question at the interview.
  1. Will you do the job?
When you are asked with this question, you need provide the answer based on your motivations. For example, you can tell why you have applied for the job and what created interest in your mind to apply for the job. You need to tell what can make you going and how it would assist you to do the job and fulfill all your responsibilities. You can use appropriate examples and stories from the past to make your answer sound interesting for the interviewer. For example, if you are a mother, you would be asked about a question related to mums returning to work & flexible working. That’s where you need to come up with an example that highlights how you manage your time and what techniques you use in order to manage the time.
  1. Will you fit in?
This can be considered as a question between your chemistry and the requirements of the employer. In here, you need to be careful enough not to fake. You need to be yourself when you are providing the answer for this question. In the answer, you should specify what sort of a person you are, how your friends define your personality, what your interests are and how you are looking forward to fulfill your responsibilities to fit in to the company.
As specialists in flexible jobs for parents returning to work and family friendly flexible jobs we know the incredible difference the right flexible job can have on you & your family. During an interview, you would obviously feel nervous – this is just a natural reaction. But if you are prepared to answer sit doen & prepare these three questions, you will get the opportunity to make yourself comfortable at the interview and perform better.